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Our podcast episodes come with poetry. Not just any poetry. The kind of mindfully deep prose that blows your mind and takes you on a pseudo acid trip through nothingness and back to the nothingness you currently are.

The Opposite of a Slumlord

Adrian Madriz is like the opposite of a slumlord. If there is such a thing, he embodies it. I’ve sat across from this man as he works for the better part of a year. The unintentional eavesdropping that occurred informed me that Adrian is a man of integrity, discipline, and is indefatigably dedicated to helping those in need. It’s dangerously charming.

Religious Re-Basing

Occasionally you meet someone on your path, a circumstantial companion if you will.  This person isn’t just attractive, they have gravity.  A pull. They alter your orbit and send you off on a new course….

Serving Up True Human Connection

Then there’s Stefan Ravalli. Host of the Serve Conscious Podcast. He’s just so amenable, understanding, and hospitable it makes you want to spit. But you don’t because you know his desire to serve is genuine and his very presence makes you want to be better. Just talking about service with him makes one question the meaning of the word.

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