Everyone has at least one skill, and with that skill, we can claim to be an authority as we either create with it or teach it. It’s not uncommon for new authority figures to develop impostor syndrome – the crippling self-doubt that holds us back from using and sharing our skills for the service of others. We may also fall into the trap of becoming arrogant.

It’s important to remember that as authority figures, our word is not absolute on any subject. We simply point the way along a path we’ve experienced ourselves for others who want to experience a similar path. We’re one guidepost in the thick woods of life. And the guidepost, hastily hammered into the earth, points only in the general direction you seek. Years of weathering have rendered some of its messages imperfect, outdated, and still useful.

The metaphor of the weathered guidepost weakens our stifling perfectionism and gives rise to the willingness to take imperfect action for the sake of personal growth and serving others. In this new paradigm, we learn to surrender to our true creative nature despite fear, and transform from wallflowers into dancers. Doom is coming. Dance while you can. Dance uninhibited.

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