Mindfulness is one technique we can use to process and heal from past emotional traumas, and it’s not the only way. Another modality now becoming popular in western medicine is known as NET or Neuro Emotional Technique – the practice of using muscle feedback to test and release limiting beliefs and emotional trauma held in the subconscious mind. Both practices bridge the 18-inch gap between the brain and the heart.

Our special guest, Dr. Larry Goodman from The Goodman Factor discusses the art, results, and benefits of NET. As a proponent of self-healing, he discusses how patients can address their bodies’ stored stresses as a self-discipline. Becoming self-aware, and having the willingness to feel and process strong emotions sets this sometimes-controversial technique apart from other practices in modern western medicine.

Dr. Goodman shares his personal journey throughout his 30-year practice working in chiropractic care, kinesiology, acupuncture, nutrition, and psychology.

More about Dr. Larry Goodman at: https://www.goodmanfactor.com/

His partner in branding and marketing, Martin Casado, can be found at http://www.nitramdesign.com/

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