Episode 7 – The Varying Degrees of Monkhood

November 20, 2017

Professor William Colacchico shares his experiences as a Buddhist monk in Thailand. We learn what happens behind the scenes when monks, who take on a strict religious lifestyle following hundreds of precepts in the name of service and mindfulness, grapple with discomfort, inconvenience, and human desires. We’re surprised to uncover monks who live more perverse lives than laypeople, and laypeople who live more monastic lives than monks.

Monkhood has several flavors that any bold and curious fellow can pursue. 10-day Vipassana meditation courses require you to follow only 5 precepts and you get to keep your hair. Monastic living programs like Woodenfish in China outline a more strict code of conduct and require you to shave your head. Thai Theravada monkhood requires the shaving of your head and eyebrows, with the option to robe and disrobe as your life changes. And Zen Buddhism, which requires all of the above with a lifetime commitment.

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