In light of the recent mass shooting at Brian’s former high school, Marjory Stoneman Douglas in Parkland, this interview, recorded with Suzanne Jewell from the Mindful Mornings Miami Radio Show ended up being so topical and deep, we split it into two episodes.

Together, we discuss our experiences living and working in Parkland, the patterns of loneliness and isolation that contribute to these tragic events, the fallibility of the legal system, and a proposal, suggested by one of our Facebook Live viewers, to contribute a happiness amendment to the United States Constitution.

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One comment on “Episode 21-1 – School Shootings and The Happiness Amendment with Suzanne Jewell

  1. Jason Apr 14, 2018

    I listened to this episode. It’s really good. Touches on a lot of good points. From my book reading and classes I took there are two points that was not said that adds to the understanding why things are happening the way they are.

    1. In madaline albright’s book she said (referring to the UN) the system is designed to do nothing. This can also be said to all of our society systems from the federal level down to the local level. And gives an explanation as to why after shooting after shooting, no real actions are taken. And business as usual continues. There is systematic problem at hand. Banning weapons isn’t the real solution but an uncomplicated easy bandaid to a symptom of a larger systemic problem. Lieberman mention about the real causes and possible solutions that I see are not being talked about by our politicians.
    2. This leads to my second point. In my Emergy class I learned about how energy works in a holistic system. That if energy is not put to productive use, it has to go somewhere and that somewhere is going to turn around and start attacking itself. This is why in the book 1984 there is always a continuous war going on to the direct excess energy toward something other the system itself. And why during Roman times they had 184 recreation days where the populous went to the gladiator stadium.
    3. As the podcast stated we are living in peaceful times. And energy not being directed toward war has to be directed toward something. And there is a leakage of energy in the system. Any kind of lone terrorist/shooter etc is a sign of this not being addressed.
    4. An army of social works and mindfulness experts are needed to help direct these forgotten and excluded souls. Along with work and life purpose WPA-style programs to employ their energy toward a goal and includes them in social networks and valued members of society.

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