In the beginning there was nothing, and then there was sound. Brian Lemmerman and master tabla drummer Fernando Subirats discuss the healing power of sound and music as they perform several live demonstrations on meditative drumming and flute.

From nothing, the infinite potential for life exists, and from sound, life takes form. Either way there is life – exposing the illusion that doom may one day come. From that standpoint, does anything ever come to an end? From Fernando’s drumming experience, there is no time. There are only rhythms.

Music teaches us an important lesson. As our bodies emit frequencies of sound (e.g. good vibes or bad vibes), we have the power to compel the world around us to reflect what we’re emitting. A happy and balanced person exudes a harmonious frequency we can subconsciously feel. Its ripple effects have a positive impact on everyone and everything they contact. This person is likely to love themselves and practice remaining in balance either with meditation, gratitude, open listening, or other positive habits. Someone who is out of balance by becoming overly stressed, anxious, or depressed has the opposite effect on the world.

The musician tunes his instrument before performing onstage. The human body is our instrument. Why would you step out on stage knowing your instrument is out of tune? Furthermore, noticing how we treat ourselves when we’re out of tune and choosing self-love and kindness holds the key to becoming harmonious once again.

Fernando explains, “Instruments go out of tune. It’s ok. I don’t get mad at my tabla. Musicians don’t judge themselves or their instruments for getting out of tune. They just stop, take a breath, and retune.”

Musical experiences in this episode can be found at the following timestamps.

Flute and Drumming Improv: 00:00
Drumming and Dreaming: 38:24
Flute and Drumming Improv: 58:48

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