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Your ongoing support helps to keep us online and supports the creation of an educational platform we’re developing to teach real life skills such as mindfulness, interpersonal communication, physical well-being, financial literacy, and many of the other important skills our mandatory childhood education system doesn’t teach. This school will be made available online first, and the podcast is our first step.

We sincerely appreciate the support of all our patrons! Here’s a list of our monetary supporters who don’t mind being put on blast:

General Anxiety Patrons


Lorinda Gonzalez

They say the pen is mightier than the sword. Lorinda is the “they” who said it first. With words alone, Lorinda has bent the financial will of the galaxy’s most powerful leaders for the benefit of the common earthling. When words fail her (they never do), the simple thought of her presence compels a resounding “YES!” from the most stubborn foundations the world has known.

Mildly Disturbed Patrons


Guido Porto

There’s something to be said about Guido’s unbounded creativity and spiritual prowess. It’s admirable how somebody so amazing can maintain the most neutral sense of humility, while making such a difference in people’s lives. He is tall, dark, and handsome. Everyone wants to be him, and everyone wants to be with him.

Brajesh Singh

A dedicated and loyal friend is he, Brajesh’s dream to heal the world with his passion and romantic edge inspires us to feel our emotions thoroughly. You can often hear the sweet melodies of his bansuri under moonlight if you meditate deeply in the evenings. His poetic notes serve as a reminder to cherish life and the people we hold dearest.

Ernest Ivan

A master of focus and tenacity, Ivan earned the name Ernest when he decided never to give up. To this day, he continues to breathe and experience the world through his finely-tuned body-mind, which has been trained in several clandestine disciplines of martial arts. He takes down opponents solely with his gaze and transforms them into his greatest allies with compassion so powerful you can taste it with your skin. It has a mild oak flavor.

Mark Lewis

When he’s not pouring the inner-realms of his being into the latest and greatest technological advances for society, you can find him open-heartedly sharing and connecting with those who seek higher levels of personal growth. His listening skills are unparalleled (except maybe by his stunning girlfriend), and the ripples of kindness this man leaves in his wake can be felt in the hearts of those as far away as Pluto.


Thank you to our anonymous supporters as well! You’re always watching from the shadows to make sure that Mindfulness is kept safe from Doom.