Paragon of Human Decency

August 24, 2018

The end times are upon us, as a sign of the coming apocalypse, the blog has been updated twice since the last episode has been released.  I blame Brian’s magical adventures in the old world. Shots fired. I encourage you dear reader, to reach out to him and shame him (with love) for his discretions.  I suppose I must also make penance. I offer this as access to my life force.  Use it to tell me of the many ways in which this blog need be populated by more frequent and numerous postings.

Some months back, eons in podcast time, I was blessed with a rather gracious honor.  An email appeared in my inbox. That alone is a blessing indeed. The contents of this email however, were astonishing:  it described a board meeting in some high crystal tower. Men and women of means were discussing how to spread the joy and abundance of literacy to human cherubs who had not yet had the pleasure.  Their noble task: to assist parents and teachers in the spread of the As, Bs, and even the Cs. We are all born savages. Civilization must be taught. These Bodhisattva’s of education are attempting to rid human society of illiteracy.  Then came the shock of the year. That illustrious group was requesting our help.

Their need was simple.  A voice was needed to communicate their message.  One that could record, edit, and perform their siren song .  Yes.  It happened.  Mindfulness of Doom was heard by all ears in that boardroom.  We had a woman on the inside, you might say. The Doom-signal was lit, and shined across the sky.  Help was needed. And I answered the call. Now I can add voice actor to the list of odd jobs on my resume.   

The Fates had seen fit to place one of our listeners in that boardroom.  One by the name of Christina. I have had the pleasure of making her acquaintance and I must say, she is a singular individual.  She is a paragon of human decency and grace. On more than one occasion she has blown my mind by sharing a vulnerability with such honesty and openness that I found myself still thinking about it a week after.  Where most people hide behind walls of “I’m fine”, she showed something closer to humanity than your average homo-sapien (at least on the occasions that I was paying attention). She reminded me that vulnerability is synonymous with strength.  We all know the “I’m fine”’s of the world are necessary to get through the day. Sometimes it’s best to just endure. Other times, it’s good to let down the walls and be human. Of course I don’t envy anyone their pain, and we all struggle in one way or another, but I do admire the way she handles hers.     


~My Spoon Is too Big 

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