Adrian Madriz is like the opposite of a slumlord. If there is such a thing, he embodies it. I’ve sat across from this man as he works for the better part of a year. The unintentional eavesdropping that occurred informed me that Adrian is a man of integrity, discipline, and is indefatigably dedicated to helping those in need. It’s dangerously charming.

Then there’s Stefan Ravalli. Host of the Serve Conscious Podcast. He’s just so amenable, understanding, and hospitable it makes you want to spit. But you don’t because you know his desire to serve is genuine and his very presence makes you want to be better. Just talking about service with him makes one question the meaning of the word.

Akasha Rosewaters…damn that name is so cool. That name sounds like the heroine of a story where the hero travels the breadth of the land struggling to overcome the adversity of all the deadly nature to fight a dragon in an attempt save her from a tall tower. However once said hero arrives, bramble scratched and destitute, he finds that Akasha Rosewaters has already saved herself from the tower, fought and killed the dragon, and turned its pelt in to dragon bone armor. The castle explodes in the background as she slow-mo walks towards the camera, but she’s too bad-ass to turn around and look at the devastation.

Some months back, eons in podcast time, I was blessed with a rather gracious honor.  An email appeared in my inbox. That alone is a blessing indeed. The contents of this email however, were astonishing:  it described a board meeting in some high crystal tower. Men and women of means were discussing how to spread the joy and abundance of literacy to human cherubs who had not yet had the pleasure.  Their noble task: to assist parents and teachers in the spread of the As, Bs, and even the Cs. We are all born savages. Civilization must be taught. These Bodhisattva’s of education are attempting to rid human society of illiteracy.  Then came the shock of the year. That illustrious group was requesting our help.

Contrary to the evidence of my absence from the last two  and upcoming castings of the pod, I have not yet shuffled off this mortal coil.  I’m still here; lurking, cocooning, meta-morphing as it were.  Brian’s escapades…