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October 23, 2017

It is entirely possible that last week while referring to the creation of our podcast as our spawn, I may have inadvertently cause some sort of family creation competition.  The person colloquially known as my brother, has also created a spawn; one of the real human variety.  A spark of consciousness in the universe that has been brewing for three quarters of a year has blessed the world with her presence.  She is beautiful and an expression of cosmic divinity.  Brian and I are really going to have to step up our podcast game if we wanna compete in a world with such stunning displays of majesty.

This week, the discussion begins with cold cream-based desserts.  They are popular the world over.  If the podcast is as good as we’re boasting, we ought to do well.  If it’s not, well at least we were somewhat humble about it.  We here at Mindfulness of Doom are certainly not the final authority on mindfulness.  Cultivating a healthy skepticism is in everyone’s best interest.  You are capable of so much on your own.  Guides, teachers, and role models are not strictly speaking necessary.  One can start a fire without matches, after all, but they certainly help.  Perhaps our musings may be of use to you.

For those of us who struggle with doubt of either the cerebral or fear based varieties that prevents us from moving forward, I suggest a prescription of Ze Frank.  I’d also recommend you subscribe to Mindfulness of Doom as a reminder not to waste life, or death for that matter.  It’s one thing thing to be awestruck by the universe, another thing entirely to be dumbstruck by it.  It may be useful to remember that you are part of the universe, inseparable from it in fact.  There’s nothing you do that isn’t an expression of it.  OK so that’s pretty heady.  How about the notion that you are at least 50th cousins with every person on the planet?  You’re connected even deeper than that.  You are at least a trillionth cousins will every living thing on this planet.  Quadrillionth cousins with water.  How does this help?  It won’t, but it might change your perspective, which can help.

So go forth.  Spawn great works.



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