Yoga Expo Owner Arianne Traverso joins us to share about how she combines her business acumen with her spiritual side as a yoga teacher. Misconceptions about modesty and humility lead many in the spiritual community to shun the value of wealth at the cost of their own financial well-being, perpetuating the feeling that we need to struggle for survival.

This pervasive mentality, however, also contradicts the value of abundance which can be heard gracing the lips of pretty much every modern yoga teacher ever. Brian, Cory, and Arianne discuss wealth, not in terms of the checking account, but in terms of mindset. In this episode, we discover the conflicting beliefs that blind us to our own potential for success and rob us of the opportunity to make a greater impact in the world.

What sets well known spiritual teachers apart from their broke counterparts, and how can those who are struggling authentically preach spiritual well-being? What would the world actually look like if yogis had all the wealth? Stay tuned.

“If more yogis could be millionaires, I guarantee the world would be in better shape.”
-Arianne Traverso

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