South Florida’s top life coach and Hay House author, Jennifer Grace, joins us to talk about playing the game of life as a big game. She’s been on a mission to embed the Stanford University inspired Insight for Life mindfulness curriculum into every school around the world, and events like the shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland only serves as a motivator to shift our education system faster. When something sounds like a big mission, Jen explains that fulfilling the dream requires a focus on the “what” over the “how”.

Brian, Cory, and Jen discuss how not all mindfulness practitioners look like reclusive robed monks in the mountains. Some enjoy the full sensory experience of drunken revelry, and they’re aware of it. The group share a common background in improv, acting, and public speaking, which further enhances their ability to share mindfulness with the world.

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