Last time on Mindfulness of Doom, you listened to part 1 of an episode titled “Death, Happiness, and Robots”. You got to hear some of the world’s happiest people talk about death, the impending doom of humanity, and how we might get through it together.

Thankfully, part 2 is about (you guessed it!) happiness. For this episode, we’ve selected exclusive interviews with leaders from the 2018 World Happiness Festival who have a slightly brighter approach to mindfulness and well-being.

You’ll hear the voice of “The Future of Happiness” Author and Positive Psychologist, Amy Blankson as she coordinates the making of the world’s largest happiness wall.

You can watch her TED Talk at:

Then, you’ll listen to Laura Coppedge, Marketing Director for LiveHappy on the ironic chaos of marketing happiness, and how she’s teaching the lessons she’s learned to her children.

After that, we’ll hear from Mindstay Founder, Dr. Juan Jose Reyes about how meditation has been integrated into conventional medicine, and how being in harmony with nature has contributed to his happiness.

International Positive Education Network’s Ian Picken gives an overview of positive psychology, and how daily practices of gratitude and kindness can transform every individual on the planet.

Psychologist Dr. Edith Shiro shares the unconventional journeys she’s taken and the internal struggles she still faces despite being a mental health professional.

Finally, meditation teacher Sevanti Hiya describes what it’s like to grow up in her teenage years cultivating her personal happiness despite the contradicting expectations of her friends and family.

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