Last time on Mindfulness of Doom, we heard from World Happiness Festival Experts about the nature of happiness and the ironic struggles many of us face while seeking happiness within.

In this week’s episode… Robots! We’ll hear about the future of technology and its role in supporting mindfulness and raising global consciousness.

You’ll hear from Mikey Siegel, founder of Biofluent, as he shares about his invention called Group Flow, and discusses the history of technological development as a reflection of our current state of consciousness.

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Then, Transformative Technology Lab Executive Director Nichol Bradford opens up about how she’s using mobile apps to aid people with depression and make mental health and human flourishing abundant.

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Finally, you’ll hear from Wang-Tsu Liu, founder of a company called Happinss (it’s missing the E), who is using virtual reality to help make mindfulness and meditation go mainstream.

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