044 – Brian’s Brain Ghosts with Rabbi Adam Gindea

September 14, 2019

What happens when Brain, Cory, and Rabbi Adam Gindea just talk?  Well, we ramble and drift from conversations about short term memory loss to spirituality, to the shortcomings of religion, to marriage, to video games, to hallucinations, to taking calls from our listeners, and seamfully segueing back into religious spirituality.  In this bonus episode of Mindfulness of Doom, we share with you the conversation behind the scenes.  This isn’t a full episode, but rather the continuation of the conversation from Episode 42 The Answer to Life the Universe and Everything with Rabbi Adam Gindea.  Brian Tells the story of what it was like to have short term memory loss, what it’s like to talk to ghosts, and expels the wisdom and virtue of never touching the bouncer at a club when you have a brain injury.  

We haven’t released an episode in a while, uh… sorry about that.  Brian and Cory have been on various adventures across the globe and they plan to get back to regular episodes in the coming months.  Hopefully this will tide you over.  The first half is the story of Brian’s brain ghosts.  After that we get into conversations about various religions, monogamy, and life lessons we learned from video games.  Man this SEO gimmic still says I need 75 words to fill or it gives me a little red button saying I failed at life.  Tragic.  It would just make more sense to listen to the episode.

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