45 – Lost In Existence

November 11, 2019

The Doom Duo is back and this month Brian and Cory are discussing being lost in existence!  This episode was recorded from an Instagram Live call from Brian’s Inner Sensei series talking to teachers, practitioners, and students about how to live their best lives.  Cory and Brian catch up after a long hiatus and open up about their own experiences with feeling lost in existence.  Their respective paths are fairly different and Cory breaks down the differences between the sudden and the gradual realization of change in ones’s life.


Brian shares how his experiences in the architecture field, designing cities that would replace forests and native species, left him dissatisfied and seeking a different path.  A traumatic accident where Brian was struck by a Lexus while riding his bike was a sudden wake up call for Brian.  His path to becoming a mindfulness teacher had a sudden and apparent moment of tangentcy.


Cory opens up about his cycles of existentialism and doubt and how those cycles helped to gradually prepare him to help others who struggle in the same way.  Learning to accept who you are, and not attach your self worth to your social status is a long and gradual path towards understanding.  Having a story that guides your progress is helpful, its even more helpful to get help from those who’ve walked a similar path.


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