48 – Fear As Motivation

December 14, 2020

Using Fear as Motivation is super relevant in 2020.  Way back in the before times, April of 2020, Brian and Cory recorded this episode and nearly lost it to time and poor file management.  The Doom duo discuss starting your dream project and how using fear as a motivating force helps them to grow and be better versions of themselves.  Cory shares the story of how children’s book author Kate DiCamillo told him to give up on the idea of success and to learn to love the fight rather than the victory.  Brian tells us to use your super power and to stop waiting for inspiration and motivation.  They are fickle creatures after all and won’t come if you call them unless they have been well trained. 

In this episode we find out that Brian is a morning person and Cory think’s he’s a quitter for going to bed in the same day he woke up.  Using fear as motivation helps you to start your dream project, to grow, and be a better versions of yourself.  Fear is natural.  In other words, it’s something to learn from rather than something to run from.  Don’t avoid it for the sake of comfort.  Failure is a teacher, don’t be afraid of it.  Don’t be attached to success.  You can do this!  

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