47 – Training Your Dog Brain with Kate Godfrey

September 2, 2020

Sit! Speak! Stay a while and listen!  Dog training is more about training the human than the dog. The founder of Comprehensive Canine Training teaches Mindfulness of Doom how to Train Your Dog Brain.  No really.  Kate Godfrey is a dog training professional who uses force free training techniques to teach humans how to be better dog owners and better people!  We discuss how useful dog training is for dealing with people, how compassion plays a leading role in relationships, and no matter how trained you are, your family is just… well they are family.  There is training for your dog brain, but other peoples dog brains might need treats to guide them towards better behaviors.  

Kate quips that the only thing two trainers can agree on is what the third trainer is doing wrong.  The conversation takes several turns from whether or not dogs have Buddha nature, dog emotions, cranking and yanking, oppositional reflex, and even fear of success.   I mean, this IS Mindfulness of Doom, of course we talk about the dread of failure and the doubts of our guests.  Kate did a wonderful job, and we feel like we were trained into being better versions of ourselves just by being in her presence.  

She uses science based training In Jacksonville, Florida and is FearFree Certified  a CATCH Mentor Trainer, a member of PPG, APDT, and IAABC and all the acronyms.  

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