Doom Yoga and a Severe Lack of Brians

January 25, 2019

Sometimes it’s the little things.  Dipping one’s finger in spilled sugar, the invincibility of puppies falling down, the satisfactory sound of a particularly crunching looking leaf on the sidewalk.  Today it is the name Toliuszis.  Like delicious with a T.  More specifically the owner of the name, also known as Paul.  It’s so fun to say!  Try it!  Toliuszis mmmm.  The conversation we had is not just one of those little things that makes life worth living:  it’s what I crave.  I live for these deliberative discussions.  I endure the spaces between, like a cactus waiting for rain.

Long time listeners may have noticed our upload schedule has been less than stellar.  We went from a casting of the pod once per 7 day cycle to once per lunar cycle.  I’m happy to announce that we are now on a bi-lunar rotational update schedule!  Brian is again back in the Old World, so the Doom Duo is currently sandwiching the world.  The planets diameter is less of a hindrance than one might think thanks to geostationary orbiting technology, however there is a noticeable absence of Brian(s) in my life.  Miami’s friendly neighborhood Bush Shaman has been in seclusion as well. It’s a void that was once filled with proximity, but now only faint shafts of light sometimes grace the corners of my room.  In less dire terms.  I miss their faces.

In other notable events for the keen listener, the audio engineering on this episode has been substantially tinkered with.  How do you like me now?  I’ve been brushing up on my youtubing audio issue skills and found that I was only and extra two hours of noise canceling, normalizing, compressing, equalizing, hard limiting, and normalizing again away from marginally better ear noises.  We still need compressor mics, headphones, and an audio interface so we can drastically increase the sound quality, but for now I’m taking classes and dreaming of the day I can buy this.    Won’t you please visit our Patreon?

It boggles my mind, but I actually own a Mindfulness of Doom T-shirt now.  And Stickers!  I believe the yet to be named post millennial generation calls these things, Swag. The stickers are being sent out to some lucky listeners who are extra special to me.  Speaking of special, I think we have a new Number One Fan!  She didn’t outright SAY that she was per se, but I say that she is because she said that Mindfulness of Doom was a big deal around her home.  It made me all warm and gooey inside.  I’m not sure if I should have that checked out, something may have melted.  Stacy if I melt I’m holding you responsible. 


~A Year Without Murdering Anybody  

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