Gushing at Rosewaters

February 14, 2019

I have a few professional crushes.  I try to not geek out around them. I tried real hard this time.  I did. Really. Fair warning I’m about to lose my composure. But daaaamn I’m super ‘mirin Akasha Rosewaters’ social media game. And dat hustle! Her coaching work has got me realizing how much farther I’ve got to go.  I’m so jelly I’m jam.

The best of the millennial crop of influencers are those that let their shit out.  They hit you with that honesty like a felling axe. The struggle is real and hiding it isn’t in vogue.  Authenticity is much harder to fake than confidence. Dying are the days of fauxfidence. A term I just coined.  Mint me.

Akasha Rosewaters…damn that name is so cool.  That name sounds like the heroine of a story where the hero travels the breadth of the land struggling to overcome the adversity of all the deadly nature to fight a dragon in an attempt save her from a tall tower.  However once said hero arrives, bramble scratched and destitute, he finds that Akasha Rosewaters has already saved herself from the tower, fought and killed the dragon, and turned its pelt in to dragon bone armor. The castle explodes in the background as she slow-mo walks towards the camera, but she’s too bad-ass to turn around and look at the devastation.  Someone should pay me for these ideas.

Anyway.  In this episode of Mindfulness of Doom, MINDFULNESS OF DOOM  Akasha shows us her authenticity.  I’ve done talked her up enough already.  Now it’s her turn.



~Prawn.  Something for your mind.

Listen to the Podcast Episode: Episode 40 – Emotional Fitness with Akasha Rosewaters

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