Doom Rant – The Beginning of the End

October 9, 2017

Well, we did a thing. The collective reasoning of thousands of generations of primates pounding the keys of evolution have culminated into the form of a pleasing audio podcast, for your real human ears. As per the quality of this production, I cannot say. I’m too close to it. Our child is beautiful, warts and all. The number of ears is irrelevant. Mine are vestigial anyway.

In our first ever casting of the pod, Brian and I discuss mindfulness and the end of, well everything. In the beginning we ask the titular questions. Girl, who you be? Why you be so cray-cray? Yo what mindfulness is? At least in the sense of the word’s top two leading google definitions.

As has been attempted by many before us on the sea of cast pods; our desire is to throw our brainchild out there, hooked with some juicy morsel hoping to reel you back and see what kind of fish you are. To look into the depths of those pools and wonder, where’s your head at? Though a tree may fall with or without ear shaped sound receptacles around, this pod is cast with intention. Hello, is there anybody in there? Just nod, like, share, subscribe, or email if you can hear me. Even as the recording was taking place, streamed live for the eyes of the great and vast internet seas to behold, we were blessed to discover interlocutors right beneath our meager raft. A surprise, to be sure, but a welcome one.

The pull of our distractions is endless. Every thought, idea, and thing, all beings living and dead, the sum of all the universe is calling out for your attention. A sisyphean task just to stay the course and finish your day. From the depth of our being, thank you. Thank you for your time. It’s so precious and fleeting and beautiful. And it ends. It’s all you have and the fact that you chose to spend it listening to us, future old men yelling at clouds, is more of a compliment than you might have known.



Listen to the Podcast Episode: Episode 1 – The Beginning of the End

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3 comments on “Doom Rant – The Beginning of the End

  1. Manuel Oct 9, 2017

    That was awesome! I look forward to reading more 😀

    • blemmerman Oct 10, 2017

      Hey Manuel! Glad you enjoyed it. What would you like to hear about next? I invite you to join us tomorrow afternoon on Facebook Live through our FB Page to chime in with your ideas.

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