46 – In the Wake of Loss

February 7, 2020

How do we stay mindful in the wake of loss?  In this episode we hosted an Instagram Live call to allow for our listeners to ask their questions about loss and grief and mindfulness in general.  Mindfulness of Doom recently lost a friend to gun violence and we wanted to try to share some of our stories about loss.  How we find comfort in loss is in togetherness and community, however ineffectual it may be we wanted to add our voice to that community.  Though we often joke around about death, doom and mortality, we grieve too.  Comfort in the face of uncertainty is all we can really do for each other during trying times.  Brian and I both think that religion at its best is doing just that, trying to give comfort in the face of uncertainty.


A familiar face at Brian’s Tea at the Cottage events, Gonzalo Vizcardo was a a strong personality, an activist, and a friend.  Sadly he lost his life.  We can’t do anything to change the past, but we can remember to be better in the wake of loss.   Read more about Gonzalo’s life here:  Miami-Dade Democratic leader, activist, intellectual dies at 29


Nobody knows you better than you do.  Practicing self-referral is a skill that can help you in difficult times.  As Brian teaches in this podcast, it’s extremely helpful to trust yourself enough to experience your emotions.  Let them play out.   Listen to them, and let them go.  After that, it’s important to share with others.  It’s crazy how thoughts and feelings take on a whole new dimension when they are spoken out loud.


Take care of yourselves out there.  Take care of each other.  Enjoy the time you have when you have it because we’re all going to die.  Let’s drop the small talk and get to the important things in life.


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