34 – Pineal Gland Self Surgery with Kunal Chohan

September 3, 2018

Aw Yeah Bro!  We go straight up ham on this one yo -Ack! Ahem… What I mean to say is that the gentlemen, Brian and Cory, interview their most well spoken and distinguished companion Kunal Chohan.  Former General Manager of WVUM 90.5 The Voice, President of Mindful Med Miami, and current student of medicine at University of Miami.  The topics we discuss in this episode are varied and range from mindfulness in the medical community, to the various uses of the pineal gland, to the salt composition in the body, to battling arrogance, maintaining compassion, and even stories of self administered surgeries.  Take care on this one!  It gets a little gruesome!  But that’s what Mindfulness of Doom is all about!  Let’s talk about our doubts, fears, and getting the willies from graphic stories of the human body.

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