The Opposite of a Slumlord

May 12, 2019

It’s curious how the timing of events play out. I leave the confines of Miami, escaping the clutches of a neglectful property owner, while at the same time our podcast happens to have a guest who fights the very same kinds of conditions I’ve been dealing with. It was coincidence in the sense that they coincided. Brian and I had been trying to secure Adrian Madriz as a guest for quite some time. There were delays, but the universe conspired to make the occurrence of events timely. Apropos even.  Adrian Madriz is like the opposite of a slumlord. If there is such a thing, he embodies it.

I’ve sat across from this man as he works for the better part of a year. The unintentional eavesdropping that occurred informed me that Adrian is a man of integrity, discipline, and is indefatigably dedicated to helping those in need. It’s dangerously charming. On those occasions when he wasn’t on the phone doing his superman thing, he would drop what he was doing, look you right in the eye, and ask you how you were. And not in that way that most people often do when they are just waiting for their turn to speak. Adrian listened. He gives you his attention. Deliberately. It just makes you feel appreciated and all warm and gooey inside. Some sort of hybrid human-lava cake. Like I said. Dangerous.

I loved that house. But as great sage Kunal of Chohan once said to me, “There comes a time when the shine comes off the shitball”. That time perhaps wasn’t as obvious to me as it had become to those in some proximity of the situation. Thankfully, I am happy to report that both Brian and I are prospering in our new locals. It’s a bit of an adventure. I’d spent the last 7 years building a social network of friends, contacts, clients, and even a few frenemies. Now my network has shrunk significantly and I must begin the process of building again. I hear DC has a great Chinese tea-house, you just might find me there soon.

As you know, since you are addicted, that the F5 button has not been giving you what you hoped it would. The website, has been experiencing…shall we say difficulties performing to task. Well I have good news. You can give your finger a rest. The site is back to its full capacity and is pissing like a racehorse! Er, perhaps that simile is lacking in adequacy. Well that’s what you get for being a pain WordPress. Bad analogies. You just watch yourself or I may write a sternly worded letter.

Speaking of letters, a listener and I have been corresponding with some regularity. She has opted to use the archaic method of masticating glued paper and affixing it to a folded paper and scrawling coded messages with graphite on a third piece of paper hidden inside the folded one. It’s very steampunk. Should you wish to also correspond with the likes of us you can! and are very convenient ways in which to send messages. You might even get a response to your inquiry in the form of a pleasing future podcast.




~How Likely You Are to Die From Different Activities and Behaviors


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